Code. Build. Analyze.

We love books at Clearplan, the simple rule we stick to is implement at least one thing from every book.

We read Lean Startup many a times. Here is our favorite takeaway.

How many times did we do it?

Every product/project we work on has a robust build and simple unit tests. As we are working thru our code, we push code multiple times up the cloud and A/B test.

Here are some of our stats on the number of pushes in the last year on a few platforms we work on.

1) Web (Angular JS) — 283 Code Deployments.
2) Clearplan for Android — 129 Code deployments.
3) Java Server side (RDN + Clearplan Integration) — 167 deployments.
4) Node JS (DRN + Clearplan Integration) — 82 deployments
5) Clearplan for iOS — 21 deployments :(

These are a few of our code base projects, but I would leave the whole architecture for a different blog post.

Build Tools

  • Grunt for JS
  • Gradle for Android
  • Maven for Java
  • XCode for iOS
  • NoBuild for NodeJS

Deploy Tools

  • CLI for JS
  • Android Studio for Android
  • Git for Java
  • XCode Distribution for iOS
  • Git for NodeJS


We use multiple tools to analyze different stats on different platforms. Here are a few.

  • Google Analytics
  • Crashlytics/Answers on iOS and Android
  • Optimizely for our A/B Testing
  • Crazy Egg
  • iTunes Analytics
  • Android Analytics

In the next few posts, I will talk about each of these in depth.